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ReShockie Clack said on July 19, 2014
I'm originally from Detroit where they are big on trendy styles. Once I moved to Raleigh, NC I decided to go short but couldn't find a local hair stylist that styled well but also cared about the health and at home maintenance of my hair....until a couple of friends told me about Ms. Elisha and Modish Beauty Salon! I love the hair styles, hair care, and atmosphere of Ms. Elisha & Modish Salon.
Adrianne Fields Calabria said on Feb 17, 2014
You did an amazing job on my hair for my wedding. I got so many compliments. Thank you :)
Brittany Berry said on Aug 14, 2013
Everybody go see Lisa for all your hair and eyebrow needs!!
Leah W. said on Aug 11, 2013
Elisha has been doing my hair for 5 years. She is an excellent stylist that cares about the health of your hair and scalp and is very knowledgeable about hair care products. My hair has never been healthier. She is very professional and kind. I was sad that she left VA to move back to NC but happy she has her own salon. At times when I couldn't make it to the salon, she came to my house. I don't know ANY stylists that will do your hair in your own home. And it looked like I just stepped out of the salon. I would rather have a professional stylist take her time and care about the health of my hair rather than someone who is just about making money and doing 8 clients at once. I hate that! Elisha focuses on one client at a time, and that's how it SHOULD BE. Highly recommended.
Lashay P. said on Aug 10, 2013
I love my hair ever time I come to LISA, she treat me like family, she never rush she all ways give me her undivided attention. She get me out at a reasonable time, not like other salons where you be in there all day. She never does the same style twice. I cant wait to go back to her and get my box braids soon.
E. E. said on Aug 9, 2013
Modish Beauty & Barber Salon is a very unique salon that offer wide variety of service. Here at Modish Beauty & Barber we try our best to provide efficient friendly customer service in a family sitting environment with a warm pleasant atmosphere, where every client is treated equally. Providing the one individual time and one on one consultation with No need to rush,because you cant rush beauty!

Having over 12 years of experience, license instructor 3 years and a salon owner for 5 months. We know at time its hard to please others, even if you go those extra miles. As the old saying say you might please one, but you cant please all, even when you work on your day off, which is Mondays. However if you give us a chance we will make sure we meet all hair care ethics for all people.

Pat A. said on Aug 8, 2013
This salon and its owner/stylist (Lisa) provide excellent customer service, in addition to being knowledgeable in healthy hair maintenance. Lisa is very talented in cutting/coloring/styling all types of hair (not just African American hair). She is detail-oriented in making sure you walk out the door looking fantastic with your new hair-do. Her prices are reasonable and she does not overbook, nor is she slow. She is a professional who is flexible in working with her customers to best meet their time constraints and schedules. I have been going to this salon since I moved to NC from the Washington, DC area. It was difficult to find a stylist with the talent to maintain my hair and offer expert guidance in relaxed and natural hair styles. She uses top-notch products that promote healthy hair. From basic hair care to complicated styles, this salon is great! I would highly recommend this salon to my friends, family and colleagues.
Jojo J. said on Aug 8, 2013
It sucks that you had a bad experience with this salon, but if you left once why did you decide to come back? I have been seeing lisa for years now and have helped my hair so much, not once has she taken longer than 3 hours to do my hair even tho there where other people there, i still got out at a decent time. As for having a cc machine, if you have stayed with her long enough, you would know that she just moved to a different location 4 months ago and is still trying to set everything up. Lisa is great at what she does she tries to accommdate everyone. Its really not that hard for a black woman to find a stylist, its just a matter of finding a stylist who fits your need. I found a stylist that I love and respect and care about what she does, and i wish you luck in finding your stylist.

I just brought my daughter here yesterday to get a shampoo, trim and style and she is great working with kids, especially since my daughter has a special need, she was very patient with my daughter and was able to get her hair done in a normal time frame :D

j johnson

Nichole M . said on Sept 12, 2012
Lisa has been my go-to stylist for a little over a year now. She is very accommodating, warm-hearted and "hair style forward." I have natural hair and she has helped me maintain its healthiness with trims, layer cuts, blow outs and even a couple of color treatments. As mentioned by another client, she will always find an open spot for you, especially if you're in a last minute bind. You can tell that Lisa truly has a passion for hair care treatment and is genuinely interested in the hair health of all her clients. If you haven't visited her yet, you definitely should, at least once and I guarantee you'll want to go back.

Best of luck to you Lisa and your new shop!

Monica & Family!!! said on Aug 20, 2012
Thank you, THANK YOU Lisa!!! My girls hair look the BEST they have every looked. I was thrilled. Everywhere we went today everyone was shocked it how lovely their hair looked. This says a lot since the girls are completely natural and received no chemicals. I just love the beautiful curls. Let's see how it holds up in the morning for school. Thank you so much!!!!! Our experience was so wonderful we will be back in a few weeks. Thanks again. Monica
Leanne said on Jun 29, 2012
I just want to comment that I had a wonderful experience at your salon. Lisa did my hair and not only was I satisfied with the service; she was professional and very friendly which made my whole experience, for the first time going to her salon, very comfortable. I will definitely refer my friends to go see her.


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